Commercial goods

Delivery of commercial goods / freight of commercial goods / air freight of commercial goods

در برنامه سومFourth, export is considered as an effective and key element in the economic development of the country and the readiness of cultural and social infrastructure for the implementation of export strategies is emphasized. Export is about connecting and working with professional markets and market professionals across borders. Non-oil exports have always been one of the most important issues for economic and trade policymakers, and therefore providing facilities to exporters will stimulate foreign trade and increase GDP. Due to the importance of non-oil exports in the economic development of the country, Iran Customs has considered the facilitation and acceleration of customs formalities in the export sector. In the meantime, air exports of goods, due to the possibility of timely and timely delivery of goods, has a special place for companies, traders and traders, and what leads to the development of exports and its economic benefits, successful experiences in this field. is.