Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods to items & nbsp; And substances that are said to endanger the health and safety of passengers or aircraft. Carrying such items in accordance with the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) & nbsp; And the Association of Airlines (IATA) & nbsp; is. Carrying these items in the luggage or handbag of passengers is strictly prohibited and can only be carried in the aircraft warehouse.
Hazardous materials and goods must be packaged in accordance with specific and international air transport terms and conditions, and this packaging must & nbsp; With high quality and reliable structure and in order to prevent leakage and seepage in conditions of temperature changes and humidity and pressure and vibration has been done. The packaging of the cargo is different in nature and is protected in direct contact with other materials to prevent chemical interactions. & Nbsp; Each package must be properly labeled and have a suitable logo and signs such as the international number for hazardous substances UN number. Therefore, transporting high-risk goods is a completely specialized process and requires the following: